Sarah Wergin, RN, LAc. 

I was born a highly sensitive, intuitive child of the earth and stars.
I would play with all of nature on our farm and loved being in the forest with the trees and animals. At a young age, I knew there was so much more to this world, but no one was telling me the secrets of the plants, herbs, animals and stones. One day in frustration, I remember raising my arms to the sky and calling, “Show me the magic!!!”
I always knew my quest was to remember the magic that was all around me and remember how to use it.
I was born into a Catholic family, and when my parents divorced at 9 years old, my mother reawakened to her Goddess knowledge. I received my first crystal at 13 years old, and that began my personal quest to gather as much knowledge I could about the Goddess tradition and magic.
Two weeks before my 14th birthday, I was diagnosed with cancer. At the very moment that the doctor told me, with my mom and dad in the room, a very strange feeling came over me. It was one of joy. I knew that emotion was not what I should be feeling at that time, looking at my mother crying and dad looking so sad. So, of course, I didn’t share it. I remember feeling a sense of relief. I knew that unconsciously I had created this.
I knew that at that moment my life was being forever changed and it was a gift. Due to extreme experiences in my childhood, I knew that my soul had created this illness to heal me.
I soon realized that to heal and be healthy, I would need to understand natural healing modalities and learn as much as I could.
I proceeded to study and become certified/licensed in over a dozen different healing modalities and techniques. I opened my own integrative healing clinic and have spent over 24 years in the healing arts with a desire to help others on their healing journey. Along this path, I also studied and practiced many different world religions, spiritualities and esoteric philosophies. My soul design is to find the thread of truth through them all in the quest to know the one truth.
In 2005, a group of my friends begged me to teach them the Goddess information. That began my journey of teaching all the knowledge and wisdom I had gathered and remembered. Much of what I receive is my own knowledge channeled to me.
I am here to assist you on your path to healing, journey of knowledge and pilgrimage of wisdom.
The blessed journey of JOY!
Sarah is a Healer, Priestess of Alchemy, Spiritual Teacher, Poet and Writer. She has been in the healing arts for over 24 years and teaching since 2005. She is the owner of Kwan Yin Clinic, Inc. and SATIANARA Alchemy ™ which houses classes/training courses and pilgrimage journeys to sacred sites in the British Isles. She has been leading sacred pilgrimages to the magical British Isles since 2009. She is dedicated to the awakening of humanity and has a great passion for awakening the Alchemical Union within us ALL. 
She currently lives in the Asheville, North Carolina with her beloved husband Rob and their 4 legged children.

Carol Jane Locarro, Sacred England Team Assistant

CJ has been in the service/hospitality industry for over 20 years. She brings her love of people and creativity to all that she does.  She assists Sarah on the Sacred England journeys and gives her love and care to each attendee along the pilgrimage. She fell in love with the magical isle of Britain and loves to share it with others.
CJ lives in the Aspen area and can be found hiking through the mountains or creating some magic of her own with her crafts.