“Know Thyself  |  Trust Thyself  |  Love Thyself”  SW

Mystic School Training Courses

“Master Your Incarnation”

Awakening Divine Union Course Series:

As we have awakened to the remembering of the sacred feminine principle on earth, it is now time to unite that energy with the sacred masculine principle. This transition into wholeness within ourselves will bring about the transformation upon the planet. It is now time to leave the duality behind. With the intuitive and nurturing energy of the sacred feminine principle merged with the active and intellectual masculine principle, all truth is revealed. We, as humans, carry both of these principles within us, as a mirror of the Divine. But many people live their life with these principles out of balance. Your physical gender has no baring on these. But societal, cultural and familial expectations create a belief that ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ should exhibit these in a certain way. It is now time for us to remember our lineage and our power. We can leave these illusions of prescribed behavior and mental & emotional lies and start to live in the full unlimited truth of the Divine Beings that we are.
The Sacred Feminine is in Unity with the Masculine, this Alchemy is what we strive for each day.
No longer is one more important than the other, no longer is one better than the other…we strive for balance.
And in this balance, we experience wholeness, no longer divided. We experience radiant health, love and joy.
Awakening the Goddess was the beginning of the resurrection of the Goddess energy on earth. ‘She’ had been ‘asleep’ and in hiding for thousands of years. No longer is this true, she has come out of the darkness and is being seen all over the world. Now it is time to move into Divine Union. 
This level one class and the continuing training course series is designed to assist individuals in this Divine Alchemical awakening experience. These tools are ancient and historically were kept in secret in the mysteries schools throughout the world.
The time has come for the Truth to be given to all those who seek it with a pure heart.

“Sit on the Throne of the Sovereignty of your Life.”  SW

Course Series

Awakening the Goddess:
Level One (Salt)

Introduces you to the Goddess energy that has been in the shadow for thousands of years. Assisting your remembering of the ‘lost’ Goddess teachings. This course bestows the tools to assist living your Divine Power.

Remembering Alchemy:
Level Two (Sulphur)

The Initiate Training is for those who wish to continue the awakening of the soul. This is a Priestess/Priest training in a new sense. Priestess/Priests are now called to live the truth of the Divine wisdom and also be out in the world living ‘normal’ lives, affecting all parts of society. At the end of the year cycle, you may express your intention with Self-Dedication to become an ordained Priestess/Priest and embody the Priestess/Priest of the New Earth, which is one that embodies the Divine each day and is a vessel for truth in the world. This can be expressed in many ways in our society and these skills and rediscovered truth of who you are will be an asset in any field of work on the planet. Or you may just finish the training with valuable knowledge and wisdom you have gained and use it in your day-to day life.

Living Union:
Level Three (Mercury)

Graduate level training offered by invitation to those desiring to continue their training in the Occult world that lies beyond the veil. This training will assist the Priestess/Priest in fine tuning their vessel for work in the esoteric realm. This course leads the Priestess/Priest into living their unique offering of Divine Union to the world, creating the New Earth. Stabilizing the Crystalline Self within, Sacred Rites ceremonies and creating your path of Living Union. This is the training of the Mystic.