Sacred England

Journey of Inner Alchemy

Dates to be Announced

This journey is a powerful activation of Lunar & Solar energies along the Path of the Dragon, the Michael and Mary Ley Lines. This journey for Women & Men, is a pilgrimage into the land of magic and myth. A land that runs deep with power and where the veil is thin and you can see beyond. It is a land steeped in ancient traditions of the Druids, Priestesses of the Goddess, Early Christianity and the Legend of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Connecting with the mysterious serpentine standing stones of Avebury, the mythic Silbury Hill pyramid, the ancient Tor labyrinth, the unconditional love of Mary’s Chapel and to the magical waterfall Glen of St.Nectan. Returning to Avalon we feel the presence of the ancient Goddess tradition still radiating from the land. We walk the Avalon Labyrinth into the underworld to transform and renew ourselves. We take time to sit in the quiet of the gardens, listen to magical trees, merge with the mysterious stones & ley lines, immerse ourselves in the sacred springs and drink of the healing wells. The sacred waters filling us with the Divine Masculine and Feminine to mirror the Alchemical Union within us. We complete our journey in the coastal lands of Cornwall. Experience the magic of overlooking the Celtic Sea during our ceremony for the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse. Return to the birth place of Arthur, feel the power of Merlin’s Cave, listen to the messages in Minster woods and receive the illumination & healing of St.Nectan’s Glen.

This journey is not your usual tour of a distant land but one of pilgrimage. We take time at these sacred places for quiet reflection, meditation and listening…many ceremonies are offered along the way to assist each person’s opening, remembering and awakening. With a special Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse ceremony overlooking the Celtic Sea.

A journey of home-coming, joy & awakening your inner alchemy! 

Join us for the journey of a lifetime!



Somerset/Wiltshire: Avalon/Glastonbury, Avebury, West Kennett, Silbury Hill, Bath, Wells, the Hurler’s stone circles.

Cornwall/Devon: Bocastle, Tintagel, Merlin’s Cave (plus unknown Goddess and Union cave), Magical Minster Woods and church, Madryn’s Spring, St. Nectan’s Glen and waterfall.

Price: To Be Announced

For full tour logistics, please contact Sarah.

Non-refundable $550 deposit to reserve your place.

Well Put Together

“This trip was so well thought out and very well put together.”
– V.M, Colorado


“It was transformative and it awakened me for the rest of my time. I believe in magic, miracles and love for myself that will not be forgotten.”
– J.D, Colorado


“This trip was spectacular and exceeded my expectations, many new things discovered!”
– Colorado

Sarah is an Alchemist

“Transforming! Sarah is an Alchemist, thank you!”

Divine Miracles

“I now believe in divine miracles because I had this experience. To learn from Sarah, and our group, unconditional love. I came here with the intention to open my heart, I soared with long lost memories, new knowing’s about me which I will carry in my heart as I continue to travel my life with joy and knowing I am centered.”
– C.T, Colorado

Feel With My Heart

“Thank you Sarah for crafting not only this Sacred tour of England, but of myself also. Oh, the wondrous ancient places you took us to see! I not only saw with my eyes, but you helped me feel them with my heart. Your many gifts cultivated a quiet, safe sanctuary within me to have a spiritual experience. I will travel with you again……”
– C.L, Colorado

Magical Journey

“That magical journey into Sacred England will be with me always. It did take some time to assimilate the energies and the experiences, and I may still be doing that. The journey, my fellow travelers, the leadership of you two, was all so powerful and so perfect. I can’t imagine a better, more meaningful experience.”
– S.T, Texas

Life Changing Experience

“I cannot express how life-changing the trip/experience has been for me. We visited so many unique places and experienced things that I could never have dreamed/imagined to be possible. This is not a tourist trip, it is a life changing experience with professional/spiritual guides. The trip was so well planned, it flowed perfectly.  Each experience was unique to the participant. Overall, you gain an incredible connection to yourself, creating self-esteem, self-love and appreciation. You also enable yourself to release emotional baggage that you have gained in your lifetime, leaving you to feel lighter, breathing deeper, physically healthier.”
– S.S, Michigan