“These retreats are meant to be a time for sisters from every level of training to gather together. A time to step aside from your daily routine and be held in the sanctuary of the womb of the Goddess while you deepen the experience of your Divine training in the sacred temple within Sherwood Forest” -Sarah

Samhain Immersion Retreat

Entering the Stillness

Join us for an exclusive Samhain Immersion Retreat in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. This special retreat is offered to the sisters who are currently training in the Awakening Divine Union series and fellow Priestesses of the school. 

Hosted at the home and temple of Sarah Wergin, Sherwood Forest House.

This magical retreat takes you beyond the veil. For new Level One students to begin the New Year training, for current Level One to complete your current cycle and/or to be take your Self-Dedication and for Level 2 to be Initiated into Level 3 if you choose, among the power of Sherwood Forest House & Temple.

Enter the Labyrinth for the next year cycle during this potent season of Samhain. Be held in the arms of the Goddess as you enter the Womb to Rebirth yourself.

The retreat will be a wonderful in-person workshop for the information of the Samhain Festival for the Month of October, with special in-person training for your level, and the Self-Dedication Initiation for Initiates & Priestesses PLUS:

∞ Alchemical Qi Gong/Yoga for clearing your body to begin the descent into the Stillness
∞ The VOID-Breathwork for Self-Resurrection
∞ Walking the 7 circuited Labyrinth to meet the Crone
∞ Akashic Record journey ‘Into the Stillness’ & Honoring our Ancestors
∞ Samhain Initiation ceremony/ritual for Initiates & Priestesses
∞ Goddess transmissions for Samhain
∞ Silent time in the garden
∞ Some topics still TBA &
∞ Organic food & tea and of course lots of laughter!

“I AM all the things that are, that have been and that shall be. No one has ever laid open the garment by which I am concealed. The fruit that I brought forth was the Sun.”     – Neith


  • All classes, supplies, gifts and hands-on treatment from Sarah.
  • Meals: All organic & local when possible & care is taken for gluten and dairy free options.
Friday Night – Light Hors d’oeuvres and beverages.
Saturday – Light snacks of pastries (Gluten sensitive option), fruit, nuts, coffee & tea and organic lunch.
Sunday – Light snacks of pastries (Gluten sensitive option), fruit, nuts, coffee & tea, organic lunch, farm-to-table Celebration Dinner in downtown Asheville.

Deep, Releasing & Rejuvenating

It went too fast! Deep, releasing & rejuvenating!     – J.K, Washington

Best Spiritual Event

The weekend at your Temple and Home was one of the best spiritual events I have ever attended.  I so enjoy your energy and learning from you.
– K.W, Ohio


Not enough space to express it, exceptional! I am leaving with new tools to use for moving energy & balancing my mind & body.      -L.D, Colorado

Beautiful Retreat

Thank you for creating this beautiful retreat and opening your home and temple to me and our group. It was beyond my expectations! It felt terrific to be in your presence and have you hold space for us in your powerful goddess chair and teach us all about the universe, love, magic, power, energy, self and respect for the goddess and the divine. 
I loved the physical teachings equally as much as the intellectual-the rituals, the chakra journey, the reset, sister circle, pranayama breathing techniques, yoga and aura clearing and protecting postures. Looking forward to the next gathering!!!    -S.C, Colorado

Beyond the Veil

I feel dissolved & beyond the veil. I loved the setting, the yoga, the labyrinth, the meditation, the senses exercise and the chakra walk!     – J.C, Colorado


It’s all about the experience! It is connection with you Sarah, it’s connection with the Goddess sisters and on top of that you teach so much!
-M.C, Colorado