Awakening the Goddess

Remember ~ Reclaim ~ Rebirth

Level One – Salt

Remember WHO you are!
Reclaim your DIVINE Power!
Rebirth your new LIFE!
Our past & future selves align here…these are the times we knew would come.
This course is for both WOMEN & MEN. The energy of the Sacred Feminine is needed for balance in each gender, no matter what you may be in this lifetime! It is about Sacred Union.  
Although this journey will be deep, it will also be JOYOUS. The Lady of Avalon is one of our guides and she requires much pleasure in ALL that she does. Beauty, fun, pleasure, love, passion and magic are foundations. Come immerse yourself in her waters.
This class will explore the traditions of the Goddess, Her union with the God energy and the Thread of Truth throughout time.

Class Covers:

Introduces you to the Goddess energy that has been in the shadow for thousands of years. Assisting your remembering of the ‘lost’ Goddess teachings. This course bestows the tools to assist living your Divine Power.
  • Goddess aspects/archetypes of the Goddess from around the world and through history.
  • The Sacred Wheel of the Year.
  • Goddess Transmission Teachings.
  • Thirteen Moons/Celtic Trees/Metatron’s Cube.
  • Exploration into who you truly are, your soul/life purpose and how to live and manifest that each day.
  • Meditations, Healing Journeys, creation of personal sacred tools, and how to live your Divinity each day!
  • Immersion retreats offered for in-person experience with Sarah Wergin.

This is an invitation to join a Sacred Circle and explore the ancient mysteries with Sarah Wergin through email coursework and live/recorded classes each month with fellow attendees in the comfort of your home.

This monthly, year-long E-Course will be offered starting October 2019 and continue until September 2020. Exact class dates will be given upon inquiry. All live video classes are recorded so if you cannot attend, you will be given the recording.

The live online video 1-2 hour long classes occur monthly for a year cycle.

You can choose from 2 different packages:

Basic Crystal Package

$75/monthly ($900 for the year)

Upgraded Star Package

$125/monthly ($1500 for the year)

Basic Crystal Package includes monthly email coursework, email homework review by Sarah, live Sacred Circle class with lecture and Q & A (you can watch the recording if you are not able to attend) each month.

(Optional: If you wish to just take the class without doing homework that is fine. However, if you want to potentially continue onto Level Two you will need to complete all the homework.)

Upgraded Star Package includes the Basic Crystal Package PLUS a 20 minute private mentoring session with Sarah.


If you pay for the entire year course in one installment you will receive a FREE private Akashic Records Reading (45 min.) with Sarah during the year.


THE COURSE IS PAID IN 2 INSTALLMENTS: First 6 months due no later than 2 weeks before course start date to hold your place in the course. This is your deposit. Due to limited places in this exclusive and intimate mentoring course, all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Second 6 months due no later than April 1st.
Payments of check or credit card accepted. Credit card payments will have a 3% fee added to total.


An application is required before registration is given for the course. This course year of 2019-2020 is only going to be offered to a small exclusive group. My schedule this year is very full and to allow for devoted time for this Sacred Circle I am capping the attendance. Spaces will be limited, so applying early is recommended.
Application and registration due date is OCTOBER 4TH, 2019
Course begins OCTOBER 26TH, 2019.

Call to Apply! 828-251-4517

Amazing Journey and Awakening

“An amazing journey and awakening will occur within yourself from the first class you take with Sarah Wergin. As the classes continue, you are invited to explore many avenues that will enhance your knowledge and wisdom of the World and Universe. Allow yourself to be connected to Mother Earth and all she has to offer us. Honor the season of the year as you honor yourself and your inherent cyclical nature. My growth has been exponential, yours can be too, all you have to do is be open. But remember, you get out of it what you put into it. Sarah is there for you every step of the way. I recommend this study wholeheartedly.”
-C.M., CO

Transformed My Life

“Studying with Sarah has transformed my life for the better. I had no idea what lay ahead – she has given me the tools to transform and dive into my soul and bring a deep joy to myself.”
-K.H., CO