Magical Journey

“That magical journey into Sacred England will be with me always. It did take some time to assimilate the energies and the experiences, and I may still be doing that. The journey, my fellow travelers, the leadership of you two, was all so powerful and so perfect. I can’t imagine a better, more meaningful experience.”
– S.T, Texas

Life Changing Experience

“I cannot express how life-changing the trip/experience has been for me. We visited so many unique places and experienced things that I could never have dreamed/imagined to be possible. This is not a tourist trip, it is a life changing experience with professional/spiritual guides. The trip was so well planned, it flowed perfectly.  Each experience was unique to the participant. Overall, you gain an incredible connection to yourself, creating self-esteem, self-love and appreciation. You also enable yourself to release emotional baggage that you have gained in your lifetime, leaving you to feel lighter, breathing deeper, physically healthier.”
– S.S, Michigan 

Feel With My Heart

“Thank you Sarah for crafting not only this Sacred tour of England, but of myself also. Oh, the wondrous ancient places you took us to see! I not only saw with my eyes, but you helped me feel them with my heart. Your many gifts cultivated a quiet, safe sanctuary within me to have a spiritual experience. I will travel with you again……”
– C.L, Colorado

Well Put Together

“This trip was so well thought out and very well put together.”
– V.M, Colorado


“This trip was spectacular and exceeded my expectations, many new things discovered!”
– Colorado


“It was transformative and it awakened me for the rest of my time. I believe in magic, miracles and love for myself that will not be forgotten.”
– J.D, Colorado

Divine Miracles

“I now believe in divine miracles because I had this experience. To learn from Sarah, and our group, unconditional love. I came here with the intention to open my heart, I soared with long lost memories, new knowing’s about me which I will carry in my heart as I continue to travel my life with joy and knowing I am centered.”
– C.T, Colorado

Sarah is an Alchemist

“Transforming! Sarah is an Alchemist, thank you!”

Amazing Journey and Awakening

“An amazing journey and awakening will occur within yourself from the first class you take with Sarah Wergin. As the classes continue, you are invited to explore many avenues that will enhance your knowledge and wisdom of the World and Universe. Allow yourself to be connected to Mother Earth and all she has to offer us. Honor the season of the year as you honor yourself and your inherent cyclical nature. My growth has been exponential, yours can be too, all you have to do is be open. But remember, you get out of it what you put into it. Sarah is there for you every step of the way. I recommend this study wholeheartedly.”
-C.M., CO

Transformed My Life

“Studying with Sarah has transformed my life for the better. I had no idea what lay ahead – she has given me the tools to transform and dive into my soul and bring a deep joy to myself.”
-K.H., CO

Amazing and Powerful

“Our experience of Sarah’s Feng Shui was amazing and powerful. As soon as she started to do her work I could feel things shifting in myself and the house.  It brought tears to my eyes.  We put in our remedies for prosperity and abundance and the weekend we opened our restaurant we had the most profitable Opening Weekend to date!”
– M.M., WI

Life Changer

“Seeing Sarah was a definite life changer for my husband and I. The true power of her work came when we got pregnant, something we had been struggling to do for nearly a year. Six Days after we put our remedies in, we conceived.  I am very thankful for the Marriage and Fertility corner she set up for us…She has made me a true believer.”

– A. & R. Gomez, CA