Remembering Alchemy

Crystalline Temple Initiate Training

Level Two – Sulphur

“I have always been there. I have spoken to you since you took your first breath…do you remember? It is time…in the quiet of your heart…I call to you again…remember, reclaim, rename who you are.”
This alchemical training is being offered to those who have had previous study & awareness of the Goddess Tradition, and to those who are ready and have a deep desire to remember & reclaim the way of the Priestess/Priest.  This is a course that will unite the Sacred Feminine with the Sacred Masculine and teach you how to embody this for the new world.  It is a journey of Unity and dissolving the polarities into Oneness. This is an advanced, year long course that offers the experience of the training of a Priestess/Priest in the Old Way. You will follow a committed path and journey into the Mist and lift the Veil to remember and embody your Crystalline Self. 

If you hear the Call and you are ready…this is some of what you will learn:

Class Covers:

The Initiate Training is for those who wish to continue the awakening of the soul. This is a Priestess/Priest training in a new sense. Priestess/Priests are now called to live the truth of the Divine wisdom and also be out in the world living ‘normal’ lives, affecting all parts of society. At the end of the year cycle, you may express your intention with Self-Dedication to become an ordained Priestess/Priest and embody the Priestess/Priest of the New Earth, which is one that embodies the Divine each day and is a vessel for truth in the world. This can be expressed in many ways in our society and these skills and rediscovered truth of who you are will be an asset in any field of work on the planet. Or you may just finish the training with valuable knowledge and wisdom you have gained and use it in your day-to day life.
  What is Priestess/Priest, Role of the Priestess/Priest in your Life, Family & Community
  In-depth study of Sacred Wheel of the Year, Sabbats/Esbbats &  Archetypes
  Purification, Proper Diet, Lifestyle Habits, Disciplines, Patience of a Priestess/Priest
  Cosmic Mother-Nature/Elemental Communion 
  Use of Herbal Medicine for Health & Magic, Creating own Apothecary, Healing methods
  Pure Ritual Magic – Tools, Preparation, Holding, Closing
  Learning your unique gift of the Senses, Tuning and Use of them
  Crystal Healing, magic & communion
  Astrology & Tree of Life/Qabbalah
  Mystery School Teachings,Temple Wisdom
  Alchemy – The Great Work
  Introduction to Sacred Rites
  Embodying the Divine, 3 Stages of Initiation
  Immersion retreats offered for in-person experience on the sacred property of Sherwood Forest house.
This training is not related to any formal/organized religion.  It is Wisdom & Knowledge of Ancient Mystery Traditions & Esoteric-ism from eons ago, including Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt and Avalon. The Training is the preparation, the Dedication is the choice.  At the year end, you will choose whether to take your Self-Dedication vows and become a Priestess/Priest of the Goddess in the New Earth.  If not…you will have gained priceless gifts to carry with you.

Stone package/$95

(Includes monthly coursework and recorded audio lecture.)

Crystal package$125 

(Includes Stone Package PLUS live monthly classes with Sarah [also offered as a post-event recording], and homework review.)

Star package$155

(Includes Crystal package PLUS private 20 min. phone mentor session with Sarah monthly.)

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